Friday, July 19, 2013

Finding Balance...

This past 6 weeks has flown by. We decided to postpone our home study until we got through the month of June with a fundraising yard sale (which was awesome, thanks to some amazing people who donated items and time to make it happen), and our family vacation which had been planned since February.

It was much needed time to rest and enjoy our time together as we head into the thick of our adoption. We were able to spend two weeks in San Diego with my dad and had fun filled days at the beach, a tour of the Midway Aircraft Carrier, and LEGOLAND.

It also allowed us time to really decide which agency to use for our home study and I am so glad we picked the one we did. We submitted our application and payment for the home study two days ago and have been assigned a social worker. We are working on scheduling the home study and filling out all of the necessary paper work now.
The next few months will be filled with what is deemed "the paper chase" in the adoption community where we get every legal document under the sun for our dossier. Thank God for people who have gone before us that are willing to help us decipher the instructions (namely, my sister-in-law). I have read through the dossier paperwork instructions at least three times and every time I finish I say "huh?". I am a smart person but reading these instructions makes me feel like I am in preschool.
I am so excited as we progress into each new step and pay for one more thing as it knocks a little chunk off each time. It can be overwhelming to think about the whole process and finances at once!

I am so thankful every time I see their pictures that it wasn't just a passing emotion because of what I was experiencing when we were in Haiti. I fall in love with them more each day and can't wait until we get our official referral. Every time we see them it keeps Aaron and I pushing forward with his working long hours and my running our household (housework, kids activities, etc.) so we can bring them home. In the meantime we also struggle to find balance between saving for the adoption expenses while still providing fun and athletic activities for our other children here. It is difficult for me especially because I am driven, and when I set my eyes on something I tend to go full speed ahead. I am learning the value of balance in all of this which is not a bad thing. I am thankful for those around me who encourage this as well.

Please continue to pray for us on our journey.